Getting Started with Visualization and Limiting Work-in-progress


Implementing Kanban at the team level with a 1-day highly interactive training that is accredited by the Lean-Kansan University (LKU). Attendees will receive enough knowledge about Kanban and the related topics for starting Kanban with the existing processes and the first good reflexes to succeed. This training is carried out with workshops, games and exercises.

Designed as a first training in the Kanban mastering, this course prepares participants without experience to explore more confidently and efficiently the certified KMP courses: "Kanban Systems Design (KMP I)" et « Kanban Management Professional » (KMP II).

Cette formation est disponible uniquement pour des formations sur site (intra-entreprise/private class) sur demande.

This training is only available on-site with a private class.


This training will be realized in French by an Accredited Kanban Trainer (AKT) from Lean Kanban University (LKU) :

Lean Kanban University is the company created by the Kanban author, David J. Anderson:

All attendee beneficiate:

  • a Lean Kanban University's (LKU) certificate in numeric format
  • a Kanban Systems Design credential (KSD / KMP I)
  • A PDF and papier training support
  • The David J. Anderson's book: "Kanban: Successful Evolutionary Change for Your Technology Business"
  • You'll become Lean-Kanban University's (LKU) member
  • You will be registrered in the LKU Alumni directory
  • 14 Scrum Education Units (SEU) can be reclamed from the ScrumAlliance and used for establishing his/her CSP application (Scrum Alliance Certified Scrum Professional).
  • 14 PDUs


  • Executive Managers (CxO), Business Unit Leader
  • Process Manager, Service Delivery Manager
  • Program, Project and/or Portfolio Manager or Director
  • Product Manager, Product Owner and Business Analysts
  • Team Manager, ScrumMaster adn Agile Coach
  • Change Agent
  • Software and Product Developer and Test Manager
  • All other Professional working with Finance, Marketing, HR, Saler, project and Product Team


  • Creating a variety of Kanban board for the team
  • Choosing the board style adapted to their way of working
  • Appreciating the WIP and pulled flow impact in the group dynamics
  • Collaborating through the Kanban practice in the team level
  • Understanding the Service Delivery Workflow and pulled flow systems.
  • Knowing organize the remplishment meetings
  • Recognizing a Kanban system


  • Introduction
  • Meaning of Kanban
  • Understanding the Kanban systemes
  • Principles & Practices
  • Visualization
  • Multitasking
  • WIP and the limits
  • Managing the Flow
  • Doing explicit rules
  • Designing a Ticket
  • Designing a Kanban board
  • Risk dimensions
  • Project Simulation
  • Explicit Policies
  • Proto-kanban
  • Feedback loops - Meeting & Reviews
  • Commitment and Replenishment
  • Understanding the Kanban Service Delivery workflow
  • Discovering STATIK

The Alternative Path to Agility

The complete training serial is composed of:
  • 1-Day / Team Kanban Practitioner (TKP)
  • 2-Days / KMP I - Kanban System Design (Foundations I)
  • 2-Days / KMP II - Kanban Management Professional (Foundations II)

Individual Coaching

To more effectively put the training in action, we offer coaching assistance by our Trainers / Coaches to implement what has been taught in your specific environment.

Customized Training

To best meet your training needs, we design training solutions tailored to your unique context.


Beyond formal training sessions, our coaches are available to support a collective action, a team intervention or any other group facilitation.


Patrice Petit, Dr.

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Formation proposée en intra entreprise


Modalité d'accés : Vous pouvez vous inscrire au plus tard 2 jours ouvrés avant le début de la formation
Personnes en situation de Handicap : Nous contacter pour répondre à vos besoins : rh (at) agilbee (dot) com

Class Information

Reference: TKP
Languages: Français
Theory: 30% - Practice: 70%
Requisite: None
Attendee: Managers - Team Members
Session: Maximum of 20 attendees