For the companies in need of frequent adaptations and improvements, we will guide you through change management by sharing our expertise on high performance systems.

A company is performing in its speed to adapt to the various situations that arise, positive or negative. Internet and computing have incurred tremendous change on our society. Performance must be Agile. We will help you on multiple levels to achieve it:

  • company values,

  • scaling,

  • change management,

  • multiple project/Agile teams,

  • Coherence, performence, efficiency,

  • leadership.


The organisational culture is rooted in the foundations of the company, inherited by its values, activities, and processes throughout its lifespan. Depending on your evolution and the specificity of your market, company culture can evolve and even get out of control. We work with Top Management to rediscover what built your success and determine all the key points that will align your organization with your new ambitions.

This work is based on facilitation workshops in diverse areas such as L.S.P. techniques, Culture Games, Agile Open Adoption, Barrett. The managers will play an active part so new ideas can emerge in co-creation for a new aligned company culture.


Successful organizations need to question, adapt, and realign to their market continuously. The O.R.F. (Organization Renewing Framework ©) involves the entire organization, offering to renew continuously and sparking an active leadership fostering the rise of teams and high levels of innovation and performing systems . To improve the old approaches such as CMMI and other framework that limit or offer standardized best-practices, ORF promotes the creation of a company wide project that will enable the renewal and evolution of teams’ culture, helping them to find an adaptive mode of operation, optimal and specific to each individual or team, allowing them to develop more commitment in the interest of the company and its customers.


Organization Renewing Framework©: For Empowering High
Performance Leadership and High Innovation System



For the company needing to constantly adapt, wanting to rethink its budget management mode, our experts will guide you to continuous budgeting. This budgeting differs from an annual and bureaucratic planning by developing a periodic pattern enabling a more empowered and motivated environment for managers. Based on a transparent network of sharing information, learning systems and continuous improvements, the  actors of change in budgeting, will fix the paradox of a yearly set budget, ahead of an ever changing context.


Based on visual management, Agilbee will guide all department of the company in:

  • Streamlining the Processes,

  • Help strengthen the legal apects of its mission in a culture of change and innovation,

  • Support teams and managers in ongoing change management efforts.

To be recognized as a key leader in talent and skills management, enhancing team efficiency and developing an appealing and attractive company image, we assist you in:

  • Working on employee Satisfaction,

  • Focus on Team recovery more that KPI or all other indicator

  • Contribute to proper team interaction,

  • Ensure that change stays a core company value,

  • Create a learning culture where failure is seen as a learning point,

  • Being one of the main actors implementing a culture of transparency,

  • Creating personalized environments for everyone to encourage creativity and innovation.