Agile Professional Foundation (2D) [Certification]


Through numerous workshops and games, "Agile Professional Foundation" gives you the opportunity to discover Agile as primarily a state of mind more than just a methodology or framework. You will discover the essential concepts for successful projects such as the iterative and adaptive planning, business value driven development, progressive elaboration, feedback and frequent deliveries, satisfaction management, focus, continuous improvement and other critical interpersonal skills. These make this training session an essential starting point to launch projects in Agile mode. You will discover the spirit of "Being Agile" for “doing Agile” rather than the fact of "Making it Agile".

To walk you through this course, Agilbee offers Agile Trainers / Coaches with real world experience in coaching Agile for businesses and teams. They will guide you through the discovery of Agile foundations, putting you in the right mindset and sharing their experience. You will walk away with a solid understanding of Agile approaches.


The Agilbee trainings integrate ICAgile training curriculum and allow you to build your knowledge and expertise gradually from one course to the next. The "Agile Professional Foundation" course validates the first level required for all ICAgile learning tracks. Upon completion, you will receive the ICAgile Certified Professional (ICP) certificate.

Fast track

Agilbee offers prospective students who hold other industry-recognized Agile certifications and/or have solid Agile project experience a quicker route to obtaining ICAgile Certified Professional (ICP) credential.
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In this course, you will discover:

  • The principles, benefits and challenges of these new approaches
  • The estimation and planning mechanisms
  • The natural synergy mechanisms contained in this approach
  • The way to increase the visibility of development on the realization for managers
  • How to master continuous delivery dates dice the early stages of development


I. Agile Mindset
  1. History
    • Origins of Agile
    • Manifest for Agile Software Development
    • Agile applied in other domains
  2. Culture & Mindset
    • Understand Agile mindset)
    • Install an Agile minset
    • Agile in context
II. Individuals & Interactions
  1. Create a shared understanding
    • Understand the communication limits
    • Develop Soft Skills
    • "Doing Agile" vs "Being Agile"
    • Timeboxing
  2. Share knowledge
    • Working Environment
    • Collaboration technics
    • Technics for sharing the understanding
  3. Create Agile Teams
    • Agile Leadership and Self-Organization
    • Commitment and Involvement
    • Agile Retrospective
III. Planning & Adaptation
  1. Planning
  2. Estimating
  3. Customer Needs
  4. Refinement: Manage and Optimize the Backlog
  5. Status
IV. Value-Driven Development
  1. Incremental Development
    • Iterative Develpment
    • Business Value
    • Importance of Quality
    • Optimize Business Value
  2. Work-in-progress (WIP)
    • Work-in-progress (WIP)
    • Continuous Integration
    • Continuous Delivery
    • WIP and LeadTime
    • Cost & Benefits of Agile product develoment (ROI, PBACK, Cash flow)
V. Customer Involvement
  1. Include Customers, Users and other Stake-holders
    • Define the relation with Client
    • Users Involvement
    • Review and Iteration
    • Stakeholders Feedbacks
  2. Product Adaptation
  3. Emerging and Adaptative Processus
    • Definition Of Done
    • Definition Of Ready
    • Definition Of Satisfaction
    • Focus and Performance
    • Emerging and Adaptative Processus : Concept and Application
VI. Agile Products Portfolio
  1. Multiproduct case
  2. Large project
  3. Enterprise Culture
  4. Agile Portefolio (LESS, SAFE, DAD, PUMA)


Individual Coaching

To more effectively put the training in action, we offer coaching assistance by our Trainers / Coaches to implement what has been taught in your specific environment.

Customized Training

To best meet your training needs, we design training solutions tailored to your unique context.


Beyond formal training sessions, our coaches are available to support a collective action, a team intervention or any other group facilitation.


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Class Information

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Languages: English and/or French
Theory: 30% - Practice: 70%
Requisite: Participants are required to have notions of project management.
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