Our education approach favorizes 4 main items:

Learning By Doing

At Agilbee, it has always been one of our main purpose to transfer knowledge and know-hows in a pragmatic and sustainable way. In order to "be an actor of your own training", and go through your course in a fun and easy way, we offer you a new way of learning : the Agilbee way!


Workshops and Games

Workshops and serious games enable to better understand and remember the learning materials and concets but also ease change management. Every student can reuse them in their day to day context to practise or in their teams to facilitate their project.


Certification adds value to the individual, offers a strong reference for businesses  and gives a reliable tool to start change management. At Agilbee, most of our courses give a certification, as a Registrered Education Provider de la ScrumAlliance®, or from ICAgile, or Action Types, and many more. Check our catalogue to know more.


Continuous Practice

Performance at work is rooted in continuous learning and has been implemented by Agilbee in a new concept: the AgileDojo. Since 2007, AgilBee organizes AgileDojos to practice in an incremental and progressive way tailored to the natural rythme of people and teams.